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Tahina Kale Caesar



About the Recipe

I started making this salad for multiple reasons:
1: I love Caesar dressing but I don't always have tinned anchovies at home but I do always have Worcestershire. I am also picky about the raw eggs I chose for traditional Caesar dressing.
2: I tend to buy more kale than romaine for ease and the ability to sauté with garlic for a quick hot side dish.
3: I started dating my partner, Mostafa, who is Egyptian, so I now always have Tahina around.


½ C Tahina, I like to go for the lighter color versions (less bitter)

1Tbsp Dijon mustard

2Tbsp Worcestershire

1Tsp garlic, grated

3Tbsp lemon juice

1/3C Parmesan, grated + more for shaving into the salad

¼Tsp salt

1Tsp black pepper

2/3C olive oil

10-12oz kale, shredded


1: In a bowl whisk together tahina, mustard, Worcestershire, garlic, lemon juice, grated parmesan, salt, black pepper.

2: Slowly drizzle in the olive oil to emulsify.

3: Toss dressing together with kale and extra shaved parmesan. Enjoy!

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